International Students

Welcome to the Banksia Institute Australia (BIA). International students form a valuable part of the BIA student body bringing diversity, experience and enthusiasm to each campus.

Living and studying in a different country is both exciting and challenging. Our Student Services team aim to make this transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

If you are a Student Visa holder who is studying at BIA, there are some additional rules and responsibilities covered by the Education Services of Overseas Students (ESOS) Framework that you must abide by during your studies.

As a holder of a Student Visa, you are covered by the ESOS legislative framework and must abide by some additional rules and responsibilities as a condition of your enrolment at BIA. Some of your responsibilities are highlighted below:
International students are advised that deferring or suspending their enrolment or withdrawing from their course may affect their student visa.

As a condition of your Student Visa, you are only permitted to enrol in a maximum of 25% of your entire course online and you must enrol in at least one on campus unit in each compulsory study period.

You must complete your award within the duration of your Confirmation of Enrolment. Your progression through the course will be monitored by BIA and you will be notified if you are deemed to be at risk of making unsatisfactory course progression.

If you feel that you are having difficulties with any of your coursework, BIA strongly advises you to contact Student Services for assistance as soon as possible.