Inherent requirements at BIA
BIA strongly supports the rights of all people who wish to pursue a further study to achieve their potential and career objectives. BIA is committed to fostering a learning environment that empowers and supports the personal and professional development of our students. As part of this, we embrace diversity and endeavour to accommodate all students.

Inherent requirements are the essential components of a course that demonstrate the abilities, knowledge and skills to achieve the core learning outcomes. All students must be able to meet their course’s inherent requirements to successfully complete the course.
Inherent requirements are concerned with abilities related to ethics, behaviour, legal compliance, communication, cognition, literacy, language, numeracy, sensory ability, reflective skills, relational skills, and sustainable performance. Details about each of these categories are provided under the heading Key Terms, below.
Starting a course of study is an important decision, and to help you decide whether a particular course is right for you we have developed a series of inherent requirement statements about each of our courses. The inherent requirements can be capabilities, knowledge or skills. Some of them you will already have when you start the course and doing the course helps refine or grow them, whereas others develop as you study.
BIA is committed to making reasonable adjustments to teaching and learning, assessment, placement and other activities to enable students to participate in their course. Reasonable adjustments must not fundamentally change the nature of the inherent requirement. Students with a disability or chronic health condition may be able to have reasonable adjustments made to enable them to meet these requirements. Consideration is also given to students’ cultural and religious background and beliefs, which may impact on participation in their course.