Graduate Certificate in Emotion Focused Therapy

Educating counsellors, social workers and therapists in Emotion Focused Therapy throughout Australia

The Graduate Certificate in Emotion Focused Therapy is a specialised postgraduate course which engages qualified practitioners from counselling, social work, psychotherapy, psychology, health and human services disciplines in learning the Emotion Focused approach to counselling with individuals and couples with a broad range of presentations.
Emotion-Focused therapy aims to process emotional experience by developing awareness, experiencing, regulating and expressing feelings for the development of emotional health and wellbeing and to enhance relationships. The heart of the Emotion Focused therapy approach involves working competently with emotion on verbal and creative levels. The aim of Emotion Focused therapy is to understand affect, feelings and emotions, and their relationship with thoughts and behaviours, for the development of emotional wellbeing. The Graduate Certificate in Emotion Focused Therapy is designed to develop practitioners’ knowledge and skills in the Emotion Focused approach and in the discipline of counselling more broadly.
The course focuses on assessing, exploring and intervening with emotional experience with individuals and couples. Students acquire a wide range of interventions for working with emotion at verbal and creative levels. Methods of working with emotional experience are presented and demonstrated in workshops. Methods of discovering, managing and working with emotional experience are outlined and demonstrated by academic teaching staff. Guidelines for counselling interventions using verbal and creative methods are provided in each subject.
Degree Name:
Graduate Certificate in Emotion Focused Therapy
Degree Code
Grad Cert EFT
Level of Qualification:
Postgraduate AQF Level 8
1.5 years part-time
Number of Subjects:
Credit Points
Study Load:
Study Mode :
Blended Delivery
Award Title:
Graduate Certificate in Emotion Focused Therapy

Entry requirements:

  • An AQF Level 7 qualification (bachelor’s degree) or higher from a recognised sciences, psychology, social work, counselling, education, welfare, medicine, or health sequence of study and be working in a role that requires the provision of counselling (paid or voluntary)
  • A Vocational Education and Training (VET) AQF Level 5 or 6 Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Associate Degree in a relevant field and a membership or eligibility for membership of a professional association relevant to the qualification and at least 12 months of working in a role that requires the provision of counselling (paid or voluntary)

Special or Alternative Admission:

  • An AQF level 7 non-related bachelor’s degree qualification from a recognized academic institution and satisfactory completion of a Specialist Pathway Program offered by the Institute for Emotion Focused Therapy


  • A 2-year minimum, non AQF professional training of at least 250 hours of face to face course work in counselling or psychotherapy where the program is accredited by PACFA or other recognised counselling or psychotherapy association


Clinical practice hours: It is expected that students will have their own clients or will arrange placement or volunteer work to obtain the 250 hours of clinical practice for this course. At this stage IEFT is not offering any placements for students, however this could change in the near future.

Course Structure

Subject Code Subject Name Sub Unit Credit Points
EFT 102

Foundations for Emotion Focused Work

7 CP's

Emotion-Focused Work
Working with Experience
Experiencing Emotion
Clinical Day 1: Working with Feelings
EFT 103
Individual Counselling
7 CP’s
Emotion Schemes
Multiple Chair
Clinical Day 2: Working with Patterns
EFT 121
Adult Child Polarity
EFT 124
Multicultural Emotion Focused Therapy Perspectives
EFT 104
Assessment in Couple Work
EFT 113
Working with Shame
EFT 106
Supervised Practice 1
5 CP’s

*Total Credit Points for the Graduate Certificate in Emotion Focused Therapy, 27 CP’s

*1 credit point is equivalent to 6 hours of timetabled face to face class time

*Face to face intensive training : 5 days per year. Usually scheduled for the 2nd or 3rd week of January each year. 

*Intensives can be held in major capital cities or in New Zealand if there are sufficient numbers from each city

For further information on the Course Structure 2020-2021 Brochure

List of Elective Subjects

Subject Code Subject of Study Credit Point
Working with Anxiety
Working with Anger
Working with Sadness, Loss and Grief
Working with Shame
Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse
Emotions in Couple Work
Working with Depression
Working with Trauma
Creative Couple Work