A-Z Policies


Academic Freedom Policy V2.0
Academic Integrity Policy V3.0
Critical Incident Policy V4.0
Deferral, Suspension and Cancellation Policy V1.0
Diversity and Equity Policy V1.0
English Language Proficiency Assessment Policy V4.0
Graduation and Conferral Policy V2.0
International Student Enrolment Policy V1.2
International Student Recruitment Policy V1.0
Student Assessment Policy V4.0
Student Discipline Policy V2.0
Student Grievance Complaints and Appeals Policy V4.0
Student Records Management Policy V2.0
Student Selection and Admission Policy V4.0
Student Transition and Orientation Policy V3.0
Student Welfare and Support Policy V4.0
Students at Risk Policy V2.0
Benchmarking Policy V3.0
Course and Subject Viability Policy V1.0
Course Design Development and Approval Policy V3.0
Course Evaluation and Review Policy V3.0
Course Transition and Teach Out Policy V4.0
Student Progression Exclusion and Graduation Policy V2.0